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NC Photographer

I am Kristina, an Asheville based photographer, who loves to travel and capture beautiful images of food, beverages, products, places, art and architecture locally or wherever life takes me!

I love to work with restaurants and cafes, food (including for fur babies!) and drink brands, magazines and food authors to create authentic visual stories. I also enjoy collaborating with other creatives on personal projects to build meaningful relationships with people in my network.


Samm Coffin - Matcha Nude

Working with Kristina has been an absolute dream!
She has gone above and beyond to create th emost captivating images for my brand. 
We share recipes for our customers and it feels like each photo tells a story when Kristina has captured the shot.  
My business wouldn't be where it is today without her help!

Working with the Best Clients + Partners

Matcha Nude


french broad chocolate

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