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Kristina Valdiviezo, Award Winning photographer and the creative force behind Fraiche Photography, specializes in Food, Restaurant, Lifestyle, and Product Photography. Her refined, minimalist aesthetic captures candid moments and strikes a balance between editorial and commercial styles.

Dedicated to understanding brand essence, she weaves compelling narratives behind places and products, establishing genuine connections in each project. Her work appears in a variety of publications, including

Edible ASHEVILLE magazine, a featured project in a European Magazine, Food Connects Us, showcasing her award-winning and groundbreaking win.


Kristina excels in visual storytelling, emphasizing the subject's authenticity without over-composition.


Collaborating seamlessly with chefs, brands, and creatives, she values authentic partnerships and skillfully navigates the dynamic photography and marketing landscape.


Kristina finds fulfillment in meaningful connections, attributing project success to inspiration drawn from people. Her enduring presence showcases versatility in recipe images, editorial work, and nuanced captures of people and spaces in the restaurant realm."

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